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Hi there! I’m Amber K. Tsai. I am born and raised in Walnut Creek, California and couldn’t be more proud! I created a blog because there are so many things in this world that I want to discuss and put out into the world. My appreciation for fashion, art, design (in all aspects and industries), culture, and literature have led me to believe that I should share my passion for what stimulates me and opens my eyes with the rest of the world. I’m currently a student at Academy of Art University in San Francisco as a fashion merchandising major with a focus in marketing, therefore, my posts will predominantly be about fashion and everything that surrounds it- but this blog is meant to and will touch on much more than that. As a senior in my last semester of college, I am both scared and excited to embark on my professional career in the fashion industry. I hope what I share with the rest of you will only open your mind more and inspire you in any way possible. My passion for this industry is rooted in the belief that I can inspire others by difference in perception- we, as individuals, have every right to look at things the way we want to. However, the most exciting part of this industry (for me) is how we perceive the most personal and judgmental aspect of self-expression- how we connect what is going on around us in this world with how people view themselves and even more so, how they and we want to be viewed. With so much freedom to think as individuals, I believe we should all be open to how others think and feel and hopefully as a result, we will learn and be inspired by each other.