Have dry, flaky winter skin that won’t go away? Don’t worry, I have a product that will make your skin go back to it’s soft, supple self in no time! 


Okay, I don’t know about you guys but I live in California. California winters are a joke compared to the East Coast and various other parts of the world where the temperature goes below zero and people wear parkas and beanies because they have to instead of making a fashion statement or trying to look cute. When the cold weather suddenly hit good old San Francisco, I wasn’t really prepared skin-wise. (Coat-wise, you know I got this guys!) I had gone to Cabo two years ago for my sister’s Dirty 30 and got severely burned because I wanted to get super tan (cool story, Amber), and ended up permanently damaging my usually obedient skin. Now, on the left side of my forehead (around where my temples are), I have an area that no matter what I do and how much I moisturize, my skin starts flaking and it’s disgusting. I’ve tried Kiehl’s, face masks, facial serums, the whole 9. My brother recently went to Korea to visit his girlfriend and he brought back some face emulsion products (basically, lotion) from a skincare line called Skin Food (don’t worry, they sell it here in the US. I wouldn’t promote a product you guys can’t get a hold of). I tried their Black Pomegranate face emulsion and I kid you not, it’s changed my life. I always wondered what real Korean facial products could really do for your skin and here it is. I AM A BELIEVER! I apply about a dime-sized amount (depending on how oily or dry your skin is) in the morning before I put on my makeup and before I go to bed. In the morning, my face feels soft and supple, like I drank 20 glasses of water the night before and doused my face in mashed avocados and coconut oil- it’s GREAT. People have commented on my skin- telling me I’m glowing and how I manage to keep my skin so hydrated in such cold, dry weather. Well, here’s the answer folks. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Skin Food Black Pomegranate Face Emulsion

Photo credit: http://www.skinfood.com