The Retail Industry Brings Consumer Experience To Another Level

Happy Monday, my glorious readers. As we are officially in the thick of the holiday season, I’ve decided to talk about something that might change the way we, as consumers, are shopping and I would absolutely love to get your input on this unique way of retailing. Social selling- the concept of people coming to your home and selling products from a brand (or multiple brands) to you and your friends is a concept of retailing that has been happening for quite a while; it is, essentially, direct selling. Think Mary Kay, Avon, Rodan and Fields, Cabi. A sales associate will come to your home with a bunch of products from the brand and let you and your friends try things on and of course, at the end you and your friends would purchase the items of your choice. The convenience aspect is definitely the most appealing to me- someone coming to your home and showing you a bunch of clothes and accessories? Sure! On top of that, you get to shop with your friends (and let’s be honest, there’d probably be some glasses of wine or champagne circulating the room as well), try things on at your convenience, as well as get your friends’ opinions and vice versa. Okay, so we’ve covered the pros. Now, onto the cons. What if they don’t have your size? What if they only bring a selected assortment and you don’t like anything? How about the pressure to purchase items because a sales associate literally came to your home to sell you shit? What if you don’t like your sales associate? These were among the things that ran through my mind when the phrase “social selling” came to mind. Social selling definitely has its potential and I would love to hear back from you guys to see what you think and if you would ever try it. You never know, this might be the next big thing in retail!