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The fashion label will be back Spring 2017 and I AM EXCITED!

As we all know, the brand Band of Outsiders announced their departure from the fashion world a little while ago. I remember reading the news in my newsfeed and thinking to myself, “how did this even happen?” Well, the company had a $2 million dollar debt, that’s how. However, we know a lot of businesses struggle with their finances even though the creative talent is definitely there. Moving forward, Band of Outsiders was bought out by the Belgian fashion fund CLCC and will return Spring 2017 without their creative director, Scott Sternberg. The brand is set to make men’s and women’s clothing and will be anchored in Los Angeles but will still distribute to outside retailers internationally. We’re excited to see who will  be designing for the low-key, preppy label and how buyers will react to their new collection come September 2016. Do you think the brand can survive without Scott Sternberg or do you think the brand will move forward and persevere with a new direction? We shall see.