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Is Lindsey Lohan’s newest cover an indicator that America’s favorite train wreck is set up for a comeback? 

So… Where has Lindsey Lohan been? Apparently, she’s been shooting a new cover for No Tofu Magazine with Ellen Von Unwerth in Mykonos, Greece. Was anybody else aware of this?!??! I sure wasn’t. Lindsey has been known to be quite difficult to work with, but in her prime we can admit that we all thought she was going to go further than she actually did, which was pretty much nowhere after Mean Girls after a couple attempts at making more movies and clothing lines. Moving forward, Lindsey has created a clothing line with a British brand called “Lavish Alice” (is this an indicator that Lindsey wants to reattempt entering the fashion world?) and has been pretty much MIA. I know we’re all excited to see how Lindsey looks in her new editorial, so here it is. Thoughts, lovely readers?

Source: http://www.fashionista.com