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Creative director Alessandro Michele takes Gucci to a place its never been before… retro, mismatched, and undeniably charming. 

Gucci’s pre-fall collection look book has been released and it’s a side of Gucci I don’t think any of us thought even existed. During the reign of Tom Ford, Gucci was known as a glamorous, sexy, and provocative brand. Now, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele has turned the brand in a completely different direction. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would be successful or if people would even understand it (and by people, I mean myself) but there was something about Michele’s unconventional and unassuming style that made me very curious about where he was going to take this powerhouse brand. Alessandro has proven to have done well for the brand, just winning the International Designer of the Year award at the British fashion awards. His new pre-fall collection looks very eccentric, the styling overdone and clashing, however- it works. The whole ‘homeless chic’ look is something that I, personally, have never been able to pull off but looking through Gucci’s pre-fall look book… It’s a look I might consider trying. What do you guys think of Alessandro’s new look for Gucci? Do you embrace the new direction of the fashion house or do you wish Gucci would return back to its sexy, provocative roots? View the entire collection here.

Source: http://www.fashionista.com