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This retailer believes in having an honest relationship with their consumers… YES PLEASE!

Okay you guys- I’ve been doing research on this company for the past 4 months and I have to tell you, I’m impressed. How many times do you find yourself in a shop and you’re thinking to yourself, “why isn’t there a retailer out there that has great quality and doesn’t want to squeeze every penny out of my for it?” And then when I go to a luxury retailer, I can’t help but think it’s so overpriced! Ah, then Everlane comes in. This San Francisco based retailer started out when Michael Pressman, who was in the venture capitalist industry, quit his job and started this company. He recruited a bunch of people from places like Google, Yelp, Marc Jacobs, and J.Crew and together, they have a passion for pushing boundaries and always asking why, which they also think their consumers should do as well. This company not only inspires me, it really makes me hope that there will be other companies who are just as compassionate in the future. Everlane also does really cool shit like donate all their proceeds from Black Friday into a fund for their workers in their LA factory so they can take English classes and other requests the workers have made. And that’s just one of the examples of what Everlane does to give back. Anyhow, here are 5 reasons you should get your basics from Everlane. This company definitely has my vote!

  1. Shows costs of garments- from hardware, fabric, labor, shipping, etc.

2. Shows Everlane’s retail price compared to traditional luxury retail price

3. Shows where each garment is made- information about the factory and Everlane’s relationship with the factory.

4. Lower prices for high quality garments and products

5. Knowing you are getting your products from a company that cares about integrity, the environment, social responsibility, and about cultivating honest relationships with their consumers.

Check them out here.