5 Reasons We Should All Be Shopping at Everlane


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This retailer believes in having an honest relationship with their consumers… YES PLEASE!

Okay you guys- I’ve been doing research on this company for the past 4 months and I have to tell you, I’m impressed. How many times do you find yourself in a shop and you’re thinking to yourself, “why isn’t there a retailer out there that has great quality and doesn’t want to squeeze every penny out of my for it?” And then when I go to a luxury retailer, I can’t help but think it’s so overpriced! Ah, then Everlane comes in. This San Francisco based retailer started out when Michael Pressman, who was in the venture capitalist industry, quit his job and started this company. He recruited a bunch of people from places like Google, Yelp, Marc Jacobs, and J.Crew and together, they have a passion for pushing boundaries and always asking why, which they also think their consumers should do as well. This company not only inspires me, it really makes me hope that there will be other companies who are just as compassionate in the future. Everlane also does really cool shit like donate all their proceeds from Black Friday into a fund for their workers in their LA factory so they can take English classes and other requests the workers have made. And that’s just one of the examples of what Everlane does to give back. Anyhow, here are 5 reasons you should get your basics from Everlane. This company definitely has my vote!

  1. Shows costs of garments- from hardware, fabric, labor, shipping, etc.

2. Shows Everlane’s retail price compared to traditional luxury retail price

3. Shows where each garment is made- information about the factory and Everlane’s relationship with the factory.

4. Lower prices for high quality garments and products

5. Knowing you are getting your products from a company that cares about integrity, the environment, social responsibility, and about cultivating honest relationships with their consumers.

Check them out here.


Flick Of The Week


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Young star Zendaya stuns in a Rosie Assoulin two-piece matching set

Zendaya, the young and gorgeous star who put Guliana Rancic in CHECK on Fashion Police for talking shit about her dreads, attended Rihanna’s annual Diamond ball in a two-piece stunner by Rosie Assoulin. Okay, so the crop top trend has been prominent the last couple of seasons and the matching trend has also been present for the last year or two. We’ve seen some pretty impressive crop top combinations for the red carpet (Emma Stone, anybody?) but this…. THIS!!!!! Zendaya chose to wear a one-piece t-shirt crop top with wide-legged ball gown pants. She complimented her two-piece ensemble with her hair parted down the middle and slicked back, low, elegant ponytail. She chose to wear a sexy smoky eye and a mauve-y ash rose lip, amazing golden contour, and diamond drop earrings. The subtle contrast between the casualness of her ensemble to the formality of her earrings brought Zendaya’s fashion game to a whole new level, folks. This girl is a fashion lioness to watch and trust me, I’ll be watching.

Photo source: http://www.nydailymail.com

Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2016 Collection Is Giving Us Retro Feels


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Creative director Alessandro Michele takes Gucci to a place its never been before… retro, mismatched, and undeniably charming. 

Gucci’s pre-fall collection look book has been released and it’s a side of Gucci I don’t think any of us thought even existed. During the reign of Tom Ford, Gucci was known as a glamorous, sexy, and provocative brand. Now, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele has turned the brand in a completely different direction. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would be successful or if people would even understand it (and by people, I mean myself) but there was something about Michele’s unconventional and unassuming style that made me very curious about where he was going to take this powerhouse brand. Alessandro has proven to have done well for the brand, just winning the International Designer of the Year award at the British fashion awards. His new pre-fall collection looks very eccentric, the styling overdone and clashing, however- it works. The whole ‘homeless chic’ look is something that I, personally, have never been able to pull off but looking through Gucci’s pre-fall look book… It’s a look I might consider trying. What do you guys think of Alessandro’s new look for Gucci? Do you embrace the new direction of the fashion house or do you wish Gucci would return back to its sexy, provocative roots? View the entire collection here.

Source: http://www.fashionista.com

Guest Blogger: Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Robin Tsai


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For anyone who’s ever struggled with their skin, I have a product that’s definitely worth trying. 

Almost everyone gets acne at some point in their life.  I started to break out in my teenage years; nothing too devastating since most of the other kids at school were fighting the same battle.  Unfortunately for me, my teenage hormonal breakouts turned into adult acne and I found myself at almost 30 years of age with my skin at the worst it’s ever been.  My acne was so bad that pimples were starting to grow on top of each other and not only was my acne painful physically, I started to see the emotional toll it was taking on me.  Acne was consuming my life: any interaction with another human being was dominated by my obsession with hiding my face and any time I was forced to look at myself in the mirror, I had to mentally prepare myself for the embarrassment and frustration I felt with my own skin. I had tried everything to cure my acne, from Proactiv to dermatologist prescribed Retinol-A, but nothing worked longer than 6 months…until I took a leap of faith on a drugstore product called La Roche-Posay Effaclar. I purchased the Gel Cleanser and Effaclar Duo Acne Treatment.  Twenty dollars for the gel cleanser and $40 for the treatment. Not bad considering my dermatologist appointments were $30 alone without any products. Honestly at this point in my journey, I was expecting nothing but hoping for a miracle. The first night I washed my face with the gel cleanser and to my surprise my skin did not feel completely dried out like it did with other face washes.  I dabbed the Duo Acne treatment only on my existing pimples since I was not sure how my skin would react. The cleanser was interesting to me because it doesn’t lather up, which was my usual indicator of cleansing. The gel is clear and almost gooey with no scent, which was nice because all I was looking for was for it to work- I didn’t need any brightly colored exfoliating balls or fruity scents to win me over.  The acne cream was like any and all the acne creams I’ve used in the past, white and creamy, though I noticed it was a little grainy once I applied it on my face. The next morning I saw no miracle but fast forward just 2 weeks and I felt like I was finally seeing the rainbow after the storm.  I had zero, yes you read that right, ZERO new breakouts and my existing pimples were healing beautifully! So now for the real test: will this product still work after 6 months? For the next 5 1/2 months, I stuck to a very strict skin care regimen- wash and apply acne cream twice a day- once in the morning and once at night.  By my three month mark, my skin was completely clear of all blemishes. By my 6 month mark, my face had not had a pimple in 3 months but I can still see residual scarring. By my one year mark, my skin looked brand new. My pores were smaller, my acne scars had completely healed and my skin was not dried out or red in the slightest. I’ve recommended both products to anyone and everyone, from individuals suffering from teenage breakouts to mature skin with occasional breakouts, every single person who tried this product line raved about how gentle the cleanser was on their skin even when there were no blemishes. La Roche-Posay products have completely changed my life- I can finally have a conversation where I’m concentrating on what the other person is saying instead of thinking of different ways to hide my skin. Two very grateful thumbs up for La Roche-Posay Effaclar!

Contact Robin at beautybyrobintsai@yahoo.com

View her portfolio at http://www.tsairobin.wix.com/beautybyrobin


Band of Outsiders is coming back!


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The fashion label will be back Spring 2017 and I AM EXCITED!

As we all know, the brand Band of Outsiders announced their departure from the fashion world a little while ago. I remember reading the news in my newsfeed and thinking to myself, “how did this even happen?” Well, the company had a $2 million dollar debt, that’s how. However, we know a lot of businesses struggle with their finances even though the creative talent is definitely there. Moving forward, Band of Outsiders was bought out by the Belgian fashion fund CLCC and will return Spring 2017 without their creative director, Scott Sternberg. The brand is set to make men’s and women’s clothing and will be anchored in Los Angeles but will still distribute to outside retailers internationally. We’re excited to see who will  be designing for the low-key, preppy label and how buyers will react to their new collection come September 2016. Do you think the brand can survive without Scott Sternberg or do you think the brand will move forward and persevere with a new direction? We shall see.


Social Selling- Is This The Next Big Thing?

The Retail Industry Brings Consumer Experience To Another Level

Happy Monday, my glorious readers. As we are officially in the thick of the holiday season, I’ve decided to talk about something that might change the way we, as consumers, are shopping and I would absolutely love to get your input on this unique way of retailing. Social selling- the concept of people coming to your home and selling products from a brand (or multiple brands) to you and your friends is a concept of retailing that has been happening for quite a while; it is, essentially, direct selling. Think Mary Kay, Avon, Rodan and Fields, Cabi. A sales associate will come to your home with a bunch of products from the brand and let you and your friends try things on and of course, at the end you and your friends would purchase the items of your choice. The convenience aspect is definitely the most appealing to me- someone coming to your home and showing you a bunch of clothes and accessories? Sure! On top of that, you get to shop with your friends (and let’s be honest, there’d probably be some glasses of wine or champagne circulating the room as well), try things on at your convenience, as well as get your friends’ opinions and vice versa. Okay, so we’ve covered the pros. Now, onto the cons. What if they don’t have your size? What if they only bring a selected assortment and you don’t like anything? How about the pressure to purchase items because a sales associate literally came to your home to sell you shit? What if you don’t like your sales associate? These were among the things that ran through my mind when the phrase “social selling” came to mind. Social selling definitely has its potential and I would love to hear back from you guys to see what you think and if you would ever try it. You never know, this might be the next big thing in retail!

Flick Of The Week


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Ralph Lauren and Oak Labs Launch First Interactive Dressing Rooms 

The interactive display at Polo Ralph Lauren.

The interactive display at Polo Ralph Lauren.

Ah, the day is here. As we’ve all been anticipating the arrival of interactive fitting rooms and none other than the all-American brand, Ralph Lauren, has been the first brand to do it. Well actually, do any of you remember when Uniqlo had the “Magic Mirror” and it was kind of disappointing? Okay, so this is supposed to be way better than that. The mirrors allow customers to select a different size, select corresponding items, and/or the assistance of a sales associate for help. I’m not going to lie, it looks pretty legit. Ralph Lauren and Oak Labs launched the fitting rooms at Polo’s Fifth Avenue flagship at 55th Street, eight which have already been revealed and the other eight to be revealed later this month. As holiday season has slowly but surely come upon us, will this make holiday shopping go by quicker and more seamlessly, or will this create more commotion in the store and less for sales? Let me know what you think! I’ll be back for a follow-up on this in a couple of weeks. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Photo Credit: WWD.com